Software development

Consultation services, Web portal and modules development, Business Rules Implementation, Leading projects of remote teams...

IT infrastructure

Infrastructure solutions, hardware and software monitoring, Protocol configuration, Load balancing and stress tests...

Cloud solutions

Application gateways, Basic Azure, BizTalk, Geographic system redundancy, Database systems, Redundant Active Directory...

Software development icon

Software development

  • Business applications development and their integration into existing infrastruction
  • Web service, component development and their integration into existing application
  • Native mobile application development (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Web portal and modules development
  • Integrated systems, application and sensors development (Linux, Android, and Windows embedded)
  • Reconstruction of existing applications, systems and modules
  • Integration communication scenario between applications and modules including(ESB integration scenario trough BizTalk, SAP, Siebel, Peoplesoft, Oracle and others)
  • Integration scenario between partners and branches(XML services, EDI, integration and data exchange)
  • Business Rules implementation and proposal of data models
  • Consultation services including development and application support
  • Estimating difficulty and time for realisation and task preparation for subsupplier
  • Creating backgrounds for public contracts and their publishing
  • Leading projects of remote teams
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IT infrastructure

  • Archirecture, infrastruction solutions
  • Application hosting, single components aswell
  • Hardware purchase, assembly and configuration
  • Instalation in data centres
  • Virtualization of applications, database servers and network elements
  • Hardware and software monitoring including notifications
  • Application and infrastructure security
  • Security audits and penetrating tests
  • Load testing and load balancing
  • (Remote) Hardware configuration
  • Hardware maintenance and upgrades
  • NAS, SAN and tape backup solutions
  • System backup and recovery
  • Protocol configuration (MAIL, FTP, WWW, DNS, RDP, AD and other)

Cloud solutions

  • Proposal and IaaS implemetation including claculating monthly cost
  • Migration of existing infrastructure into Azure
  • Creation and administration of virtual machines in Azure
  • Creation of complete infrastructure in Azure
  • Environment implementation by pre-tested scripts
  • Linking with existing customer's infrastructure (hybrid environment)
  • System implementation with efficient availability
  • Geographic system redundancy
  • Security setup and security audit
  • Load testing
  • Virtual machine backup and recovery
  • Health and availability monitoring per system
  • Azure basics – training lessons for network manager
  • Redundant Active Directory
  • Remote Desktop Services Farm
  • Database systems
  • Databeses with efficient availability (SQL Always On)
  • Web server Farms
  • BizTalk
  • System Center Operations Manager
  • Virtual sites and VPN
  • Loadbalancers
  • Application gateways

HoloLens development

  • Scenarios for HoloLens applications
  • Creating POC solutions
  • Presentations for briefings, exhibitions or marketing events
  • HoloLens integration with customer's infrastructure including collecting and displaying data
  • Optimizing 3D models for use in HoloLens
  • Experience with usage of HoloLens in manufacturing, research and design industry
  • Information about upcoming development for HoloLens


HoloInventions is a division of WeRefactorIT company, which develops application and innovations for Microsoft Hololens. Our applications find positive reviews from our customers. Negotiate with us a HoloLens presentation.

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  • boeing


    Designed architecture for a new aircraft service and repair system utilizing BizTalk framework Integrated both existing and new systems into this architecture following an ESB messaging pattern Integrated a WPF front end to repair system, utilizing WCF interfaces into BizTalk Trained Boeing internal staff on concepts from architecture and design , implementation and deployment



    SAP systems integration, Tibco and BizTalk Implementation of integration scenarios in BizTalk for Sanofi Web services development for integration scenarios Consultant services about new technologies HoloLens application development



    Migrated numerous BizTalk 2004 applications to BizTalk 2006 Setup and Configured BizTalk 2006 Enterprise environment for Harris Recommended and implemented custom MOM 2005 management pack for Harris InterOp group Mentored colleagues on best practices on designing and implementing BizTalk systems and applications Implemented integration points between Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle and BizTalk Prototyped an ETL application in SSIS Participated in local Microsoft User’s groups as a presenter.


    · Implementace webového portálu
    · Integrace BTS a Great Plains
    · Scalování webových instance
    · Integrace platebních brán Verisign do portálu použitím MSMQ

    Briggs & Stratton

    Briggs & Stratton

    Web portal implementation Portal integration with backend systems HPC prototype with barcode scanner Portal integration on FileNet



    Transform physical infrastructure from Rackspace into MS Azure BizTalk application development for employee benefits .NET web services development SSO modules development – Identity Server modification Infrastructure maintenance Mobile application iOS, Android, Windows Phone development Skype BOT application development

  • jabil


    Web services implementation RoserraNet B2B communication with consumers and suppliers through BizTalk Big IP Load Balancer configuration Training lessons for .NET developers



    .NET consultation services
    Training lessons, software development

    Nal Resources

    Nal Resources

    Processing suppliers invoices in BizTalk Processing tax payments from suppliers Managing Infrastructure in Canada Q9 Datacenter Implementing Gas Industry PIDX XML standard in BizTalk Developing application in a mixed Oracle and SQL Server environment

  • estelar


    Multi-platform mobile application for home automation Proposal of communication protocol for home automation Communication's security elements IoT prototypes

    CVS Pharamcy

    CVS Pharmacy

    SAP integration using BizTalk, transformation and mapping Training lessons for workers B2B BizTalk integration and companies IBM MQ Web services for consumer site



    Insurance EDI transactions using BizTalk SharePoint Services workflows

  • multima


    BizTalk application development for Multima's customers Security configuration of HSM infrastructure .NET web application development Consultant services for negotiation with foreign clients



    SSO Identity server solution Mobile application, prototypes .NET core 1 API Rest services for mobile application .NET core 1 development for PostgreSQL Setting up .NET core 1 application on RedHat Linux


who are we?

Company WeRefactorIT, organizational unit – Is a branch of successful company in USA, which decided to operate in Europe aswell. Knowlegde and experience in different fields are available for our customers in here. Our team consists of IT experts, consultants, managers and developers. We do our work with precision and responsibility. Based on ratings which we get from customers, our company reach top results in different fields of services. Our advantages are projects, in which we can use complex experience and improve ourselves too.


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